About Me

I’m Chet Potvin and I live with my family in the suburbs of Chicago. I started my career in .NET and have spent time in several industries including transportation, retail, healthcare, legal, logistics and advertising. I’ve enjoyed working with the Sitecore platform since 2017 for its flexibility and composability. My overall goal in my work with Sitecore or any other Digital Experience Platform is to derive reasonable opinions that I can pass onto my customers.

Next Level Sitecore Identity

Introduction Single Sign-On (SSO) is the most important feature to enable early in application development. Nobody wants to manage another password, especially across multiple environments. Allowing stakeholders to login with their existing credentials dramatically accelerates user acquisition and engagement when designing a world-class digital experience. Sitecore has integrated with Azure Active Directory (and other authenticationContinue reading “Next Level Sitecore Identity”

Sitecore MVP Journey

For those who don’t know me or haven’t met me, my name is Chet Potvin and I live with my family in the suburbs of Chicago. I’ve been working with the Sitecore platform for almost 5 years. I’ve enjoyed working with Sitecore because of its flexibility and potential. I’ve picked up a lot of experienceContinue reading “Sitecore MVP Journey”