About Me

I’m Chet Potvin and I live with my family in the suburbs of Chicago. I started my career in .NET and have spent time in several industries including transportation, retail, healthcare, legal, logistics and advertising. I’ve enjoyed working with the Sitecore platform since 2017 for its flexibility and composability. My overall goal in my work with Sitecore or any other Digital Experience Platform is to derive reasonable opinions that I can pass onto my customers.

Sitecore Composable Terminology

There are several buzzwords over the past few years that are finally starting to become realistic from a strategic and technical perspective. This has become especially clear after several announcements during Sitecore Symposium in October. These terms and concepts have created ambiguity for Sitecore clients and partners alike as they signal significant shifts in Sitecore’s…

Active Directory All-Stars for Sitecore

In a previous post, I walked through the process of creating an Azure Active Directory tenant that can be managed by a Sitecore development team. Today, I’ll continue this thread by walking through two key concepts:

1. Setting up your team in Active Directory 2. Configuring Sitecore Identity with your Active Directory tenant