Sitecore Composable Terminology

There are several buzzwords over the past few years that are finally starting to become realistic from a strategic and technical perspective. This has become especially clear after several announcements during Sitecore Symposium in October. These terms and concepts have created ambiguity for Sitecore clients and partners alike as they signal significant shifts in Sitecore’sContinue reading “Sitecore Composable Terminology”

Active Directory All-Stars for Sitecore

In a previous post, I walked through the process of creating an Azure Active Directory tenant that can be managed by a Sitecore development team. Today, I’ll continue this thread by walking through two key concepts:

1. Setting up your team in Active Directory
2. Configuring Sitecore Identity with your Active Directory tenant

Next Level Sitecore Identity

Introduction Single Sign-On (SSO) is the most important feature to enable early in application development. Nobody wants to manage another password, especially across multiple environments. Allowing stakeholders to login with their existing credentials dramatically accelerates user acquisition and engagement when designing a world-class digital experience. Sitecore has integrated with Azure Active Directory (and other authenticationContinue reading “Next Level Sitecore Identity”